Dr. Patrick Yizhi Cai

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Aileen Greig
I joined Edinburgh University in 1991 and was part of the ICMB within Prof Adrian Bird's lab until 2009. I have been a member of Prof Mike Tyers' lab for 5 years and am now looking forward to joining the team within Edinburgh Genome Foundry. Learn more
Aitor Bleda
Aitor is a Software Developer for the Edinburgh Genome Foundry, focusing on the integration of the robotic platform with the rest of the EGF systems. He has ample experience integrating complex systems. His other interests include mountain biking, electronics and general tinkering (cars, DIY p... Learn more
Alba Ubide
Alba is the Lab Manager of The Cai Lab. She received a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Science from Universitat de Barcelona and a MSc in Molecular Biotechnology. Following her research interests she moved to Edinburgh to work in Fungal Cell Biology. Learn more
Dr. Hille Tekotte
Hille holds the post of manager at the Edinburgh Genome Foundry (EGF). For her PhD Hille studied Drosophila genetics in Ilan Davis’ lab at the University of Edinburgh. This was followed by post-doctoral research in the lab of Mike Tyers, where she became familiar with automated and high throughpu... Learn more
Dr. Ivan Yuan
Ivan is an Automation Engineer for the Edinburgh Genome Foundry, programming the wide range of robotic equipment needed for the EGF's automated workflow. His skillset combines training in biology, including a PhD in synthetic biology from the University of Edinburgh and a Natural Sciences degree ... Learn more
Dr. Valentin Zulkower
Valentin is a Software Developer at the Edinburgh Genome Foundry, where he focuses on Computer-Aided Manufacturing. He looks forward to the day when genetic engineering can be done entirely from a laptop. Valentin obtained Ph.D. in Systems Biology from the Université Joseph Fourier in Grenob... Learn more
Isaac Yisha Luo
Isaac Yisha Luo is currently an IT programmer working for EGF. Isaac is now focusing Biocomputing on the cloud platform and generic bio-machine automatic operation languages. Isaac is from Hunan, China. He loves knowledges of encyclopedia, especially in electrical technology. His hobbies in... Learn more
Sarah Yijing Zheng
Sarah is an automation engineer at Edinburgh Genome Foundry. She has over 6 years of experience in laboratory automation and leads the automation system development at the foundry. Other than playing with the robots, she also enjoys traveling, music, and food. Learn more

Social Scientist in Residence

Jane Calvert
Jane is a social scientist working in the field of Science and Technology Studies. She is very interested in all things to do with synthetic biology, particularly the synthetic yeast genome. Her profile page is here ( Learn more

Designer in Residence

Anaïs Moisy
Anaïs is a designer at the Edinburgh Genome Foundry, where she is involved in interface design and research on public engagement. Anais has a Mathematics and Interior Design degrees and obtained a Design Informatics MA at the University of Edinburgh. Although she is not a biologist, her multidisc... Learn more


Dr. Andrea Martella
Dr Andrea Martella is currently working as postdoctoral research associate in the lab of Dr Patrick Cai. He obtained his Ph.D. in Cell Biology at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, under Prof. Frank Grosveld, working on transcription factors and signalling pathways regulating the emergence and ... Learn more
Dr. Dariusz Abramczyk
His scientific adventure started in Poland where he graduated with MSc in Biotechnology and PhD in Molecular Biology from Maria Curie-Sklodowska University. Following his molecular microbiology postdoctoral training in the University of Texas at Austin (Prof. Paul Szaniszlo group), he worked as a... Learn more

Graduate students

Chantal Yue Shen
Chantal Yue Shen is currently a PhD student of Dr. Patrick Cai and Dr. Chris French. She received a bachelor degree of Bioengineering from South China University of Technology (China) and a master degree of Biomedical Engineering from The University of Melbourne (Australia). Chantal has earned fo... Learn more
Emily Scher
Emily is a PhD Student in the Cai Lab. She graduated in 2014 with a BSc in Computer Science from John's Hopkins University. She has had internships at several software companies including Google and Cisco, and before her PhD was working as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon. Learn more
Jamie Auxillos
Jamie is currently doing a student laboratory placement at the Cai Lab. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences with Medical Microbiology at Newcastle University and is currently undertaking her MSc degree in Systems and Synthetic Biology the University of Edinburgh. She is ver... Learn more
Katarina Jonsson
I graduated from the University of Edinburgh in June 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and am now continuing my education here in Edinburgh with a PhD under the supervisions of Dr. Patrick Cai and Professor Adele Marston. In my spare time I like to read and to watch a good movie ... Learn more
Olivia Wei Liu
I received my bachelor's degree in Biological Science from Ocean University of China in 2012. I took part in 2011 and 2012 iGEM competition and began my journey in synthetic biology. I am especially interested in eukaryotic synthetic biology and optogenetics. I hope to always have a childlike hea... Learn more
Paulina Kanigowska
Paulina is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh.Her research interests are primarily Biotechnology, Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology.As a member of the research team, Paulina hopes to learn more about the new innovative area of Synthetic Biology, and contribute to the exciting res... Learn more
Roy Walker
Roy Walker is a PhD student of Dr Patrick Cai and Prof. Alistair Elfick. Roy’s PhD project focuses on designing, assembling and characterising a tRNA neochromosome as part of the Sc2.0 consortium. Roy’s research interests otherwise focus on the biotechnology and molecular biology of the model yea... Learn more

Undergraduate students

Lois Ogunlana
Lois is an undergraduate at Edinburgh University currently working towards her BSc in Biotechnology. She is spending the summer at the Cai Lab to gain valuable experience in synthetic biology. During her placement, she hopes to learn more about the biological and computational procedures involved... Learn more


Claire Chung
Claire Chung is a senior year visiting student undertaking a bachelor degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She majors in Cell and Molecular Biology. She is joining the lab in summer under the DREAM programme with her department, with the kind scholarship support from the home university... Learn more
Hugo Villanueva
Hugo is a French senior year undergraduate undertaking a biotechnology degree at the University of Edinburgh.<br><br>His main areas of interests are biotechnology and synthetic biology. He was part of the Edinburgh 2013 iGEM team and worked on DNA assemblies. He will take pursue his honours proje... Learn more
Jackie Yun Wang
Jackie Yun Wang is a Project Manager of Sci.&Tech. Dept, BGI-Shenzhen, also a main member of Chantal’s team. He received a bachelor degree in biotechnology from Hefei University of Technology in China. Jackie had taken up advanced studies at Boeke Lab (Baltimore, MD) for genomic design and synthe... Learn more
Qi Feng
Qi Feng is a visiting-postgraduate from Tianjin university. Qi Feng graduated from the institute of biological engineering, East China University of science and technology. She took part in the whole process of synthetic yeast chromosome V in Tianjin university. Her interests are using synthetic... Learn more

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